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Q&A129-3 Gout, Genital Warts, Leukemia

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In This Video: Q&A 129 – Gout – LSD in Brain – Breaking a fast on Hummus – Red Face – Genital Warts – Hyperpigmentation and Cracking & Dryness of Mouth – Ton…


12 Responses to “Q&A129-3 Gout, Genital Warts, Leukemia”
  1. FeelGoodPlanet says:

    I truly love Dr. Morse and his message, yet the logic underlying looking at
    the messenger whence he formulates the message; appears wise and sound,
    actually our experience is all we have,; people ought to practice what they
    preach, for instance, if a guru raps small girls whilst preaching celibacy.
    It may not be all there is, but it is one of our only tools in a world full
    of illusion. I’v made an exception in relation to Dr. Morse, since I know
    working with sick people is debilitating.

  2. Rita Marie says:

    right on! great message!

  3. Jeff Ferguson says:

    I hear ya. Dr. Morse has explained his current diet and why he is currently
    not 100% raw. He has been 100% raw in the past for many years. But I think
    he does look pretty good. There are many self proclaimed gurus on the web
    who look buff & well muscled and are promoting a diet high in animal
    protein, supplements, & low in fruit (simple carbs). I am not about to
    listen to their diet recommendations just because they look like they could
    be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness.

  4. Evgen kolitov says:

    Good day! I’m Olivia.I did -10 lbs last 7 days.More here

  5. Deanna Lynne says:

    Blessings to you, Dr. Morse, and to your whole crew of amazing people!
    Thank you, Drew, for your help and sweetness on the phone… I love you
    all!!! <3 )))) oxoxo


    Jimmy From Sweden: Would you please give some details on how you had these
    eye photos taken? Thanks. :)

  7. Deanna Lynne says:

    WooHoo!!! Rawk’n Doc!!!!!!! <3 )))

  8. organicsuperman says:

    The latest study has just ‘revealled’ quite clearly the link between gut
    health and the immune system, in this instance the role an unhealthy gut
    plays in developing arthritis. Of course those in the natural health field
    have known this for decades. But mainstream allopathy has all the fancy
    gadgets and instruments, what does anyone else know right ?!

  9. Jeff Ferguson says:

    Like Shelton, T.C. Fry, & Jensen, there are those that are more dedicated
    to helping others than focusing on themselves. Recall the
    proverb….”follow the message, not the messenger”.

  10. FeelGoodPlanet says:

    I agree :) Only people practicing a certain life style for a long time;
    above 20 years are suitable as indicators of validity, applicability and
    sustainability. And naturally uncommon ‘common sense’ must always be
    applied. Much love.

  11. Marc Faucher says:

    how bout getting hundreds of thousands of people healthy for 40 years?

  12. Youthregenerator says:

    First and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel :)

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