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Pancreatic Cancer – Michael Landon&Patrick Swayze Taken Before Their Time

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Marc pulls together pancreatic cancer statistics while looking for answers to Patrick Swayze and Micheal Landon death as a result of pancrease cancer. His tw…


5 Responses to “Pancreatic Cancer – Michael Landon&Patrick Swayze Taken Before Their Time”
  1. kajiratigress says:

    my mom died 4 months after finding out she had pancreatic cancer.

  2. Marc Woodard says:

    @kajiratigress I’m sorry to hear your loss. It’s a terrible disease.
    Hopefully science will find a way to beat this thing. Best regards to you
    and your family.

  3. Marc Woodard says:

    Sorry you were having problems with it. I watched it… I had no problems
    with stops. I do know I’ve watched other video’s where that was the case.
    Maybe let it down load for a couple minutes before hitting play button. Or
    check it out later. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

  4. honeybees1 says:

    12 seconds into this vid it just stops.Not sure if it’s you ore me.Peace

  5. Marc Woodard says:

    @kajiratigress I’m so sorry for your loss. This is an aweful disease and I
    hope someday soon a cure is discovered. I wish you and your family all my

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