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I NOW HAVE A NEW WEB SITE – Please follow Link:- “” to see about 60 pages of evidence to prove what I have done – and how, 3¼ years ag…


4 Responses to “Book FREE on Website – “HOW I CURED MY OWN BONE CANCER””
  1. saint michael says:

    I can’t afford the book.. my mom has cancer and i would like to try the
    diet on her. please send me the information at i
    live in the usa God bless you for your help

  2. Ernst Grahame says:

    I am so sorry – I do not know how to work all these things. Please just
    send me an e-mail from your email – then we can talk over the phone If you
    want to call me (I will call you back to save your money) my number in the
    UK is “07423 06 48 16″ I somehow have to learn how to deal with all these
    things. Best wishes – Ernst Grahame (My email is:

  3. Michelle Kershaw says:

    Hi Ernst! Can you tell me how/where we can buy your book? Thankyou xx

  4. Michelle Kershaw says:

    thanks ernst. Ill pass your number onto my sister as it’s she that has just
    been diagnosed. She’s very interested in your diet, i think you’ve inspired
    her somewhat. Thankyou.! Im sure you’ll be hearing fron her soon. xxx

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