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Esophageal Cancer – Tribute to Aisha Pinga Pinga – Part 1 of 2

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The tale of a brave woman diagnosed with esophageal cancer.


One Response to “Esophageal Cancer – Tribute to Aisha Pinga Pinga – Part 1 of 2”
  1. L. Kelshan says:

    HI! I walk thru this cemetery that she is in and I just found her a few
    days ago. I was sad when I saw her stone..but as I read the stone I saw
    that she was dearly loved..and that made me feel positive.

    I take walks in that cemetery for various reasons and one of them is to
    lower my sugars..(I am a type two diabetic) and so the walk does me good. I
    walk a LOT of places but, this is one of the places that I choose to walk in

    .I also fix people’s flowers or fix their candles( turn their lights on the
    battery operated candles), and recently I gave some flowers to some I don’t
    even know but, I have seen their headstones there before many times as I
    have walked in this cemetery before!! :-)

    I get a bit inspired by the lives that are in that cemetery! What their
    stones say…and who those people are to those who remember them. It’s a
    good walk for me!!

    I will admit that this part might bother some..but, I try to get
    “recordings” from those who have passed on… but, I think that these
    people flew quickly…and I will probably NEVER get a “recording” of their
    “being around the area” because they went straight to where they were
    heading for!! That’s a good thing. .trust me!! ;-)

    I think that your wife went quickly to where SHE was heading to as well! I
    am sure that she is in a much better place and healthier as well!

    I am pretty sure that all of those who “left us” are probably happier as
    well as soo much healthier than ever now. I am sure that they are with the
    people who love them and missed them as well(besides those on earth)!!

    Your wife/friend Aisha looks beautiful and to me had a great spirit!! I
    can see it in her beautiful happy face! She was definitely an awesome human
    being!! Where ever she is I wish her love and peace as I wish that for her
    family and friends as well!!

    I recently lost a former close friend of mine last year…and I am learning
    how to deal with that too..(mine is a longer story which I won’t go into)..
    but, I do wish all of you love and peace!! Cheers to all of you and to

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