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Pancreatic Cancer – My Grandma’s Story

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So yeahh.. This is the story about an amazing strong woman that I was happy to call my grandma.. She fought hard even though all the odds were against her! I…


10 Responses to “Pancreatic Cancer – My Grandma’s Story”
  1. Jordan Callahan says:

    For some reason this video caught my attention tonight. It made me cry
    thinking about my grandma, she was diagnosed with lung cancer in July 2011
    and died in January 2012. Everything you said about your grandma relates so
    much to mine it’s crazy. Maybe not the hiking, but the shopping and hanging
    out doing things. My grandma was my inspiration and best friend & it’s so
    nice to FINALLY see someone who can solely understand how I’m feeling still
    to this day. 

  2. Emily Quitadamo says:

    Lost my godmother to this in August 2009. She was diagnosed in late 2008
    and died around 9 months after being diagnosed. 

  3. Sophia Chambliss says:

    You know that one person that disliked is sick. They are the people that
    need to get help. I bet your grandma deserves to live. All prayers to her

  4. beautybykatiex says:

    Yeah it sucks! But she’s in a much better place (:

  5. beautybykatiex says:

    Yeah it was pretty much the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through And
    it’s still hard on me!! I’m glad you enjoyed the video!

  6. Britny Forbes says:

    I cried /: Soo sorry about your loss! Rest in peace <3

  7. katie guyette says:

    I totally understand what you’ve gone through. About 8 years ago my grandpa
    passed away because of pancreatic cancer. I’m so sorry for your loss, but
    she’s always with you!

  8. brooklynyte4ever says:

    I know it’s hard to talk about your grandma. Did you ever hear of hijamah
    or wet cupping? It’s an ancient remedy that exists til this day. Please
    check out my videos on Islamic cupping. Wish you and your family well.

  9. beautybykatiex says:

    Aw I didn’t mean for you to cry!! She’s in a much better place now!

  10. Simplykala Xo says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, this video really touched me because my Grandma
    and I have the same relationship and i can’t imagine my life without her

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