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Katie Couric’s Notebook: Colon Cancer

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Detecting colon cancer early can save lives, but colonoscopies are costly. Katie Couric says more states should require insurance companies to cover the proc…


8 Responses to “Katie Couric’s Notebook: Colon Cancer”
  1. upyoursdocumentary says:

    Spread the word about Katie Couric’s efforts and the Up Yours documentary.

  2. Procommenter says:

    Research vitamin B17 {Amygdalin}. Cancer’s a vitamin-deficiency disease
    akin to scurvy & pellagra. Eat apple, pear, pumpkin, & sunflower seeds.
    See: “A World Without Cancer” on You-Tube.

  3. TheVicAndHelenShow says:


  4. EternalSparda says:

    She’s kinda hot :D

  5. Peter Ooms says:

    As said, do it and pay atttention. A loving brother= who’s sister at age of
    30 is hit….

  6. ytlvr says:

    I care too.

  7. My Life Above Water says:

    Teleprompter expert Katie Couric should be deported to a country where wild
    dogs run freely, and free dogs run wildly.

  8. coocoo4coca says:

    i care

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