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Mark: A Young Adult Leukemia Survivor – Young Cancer Connection

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Learn how one young adult has coped with his cancer diagnosis and treatment of Leukemia. For more information about support for young cancer survivorsvisit M…


5 Responses to “Mark: A Young Adult Leukemia Survivor – Young Cancer Connection”
  1. Shania Fox says:

    Thanks for this!!! I have all leukemia and this was what I needed!!

  2. Aaron Woody says:

    Sup dude,love your vid. Im 31 now but was diagnosed with ALL when I was 12.
    Ive been through so much of what your video pertrays.Ide like to keep in
    touch,You know alot about what I went through. Hope to see an email

  3. Leticia Garza says:

    Thanks for posting ! My 25 year old cousin was recently diagnosed with ALL
    Leukemia and it’s been a tough journey for all of us. We can only hope that
    she does as well in the future as you are !

  4. Rajesh Devgan says:

    Hi Aaron Nice to know that you are doing well My son has also AML and being
    treated in India can you tell about your experiance to motivate him My
    email is thanks

  5. KraftyKatsy says:

    OMG I’m so happy to see someone has made it through this horrible disease.
    I was diagnosed late october last year with AML. I’m going to hopefully
    have the stemcell transplant in january. I already underwent rounds of
    chemo. Please send me a msg if you see this ok. Thanks & BIG HUGSSSSSSSSSSS :)

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