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Girl with lung cancer gets married 5 days before dying

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Katie Kirkpatrick’s story is a powerful reminder that we can still find joy in the midst of suffering tragedy by focusing on and celebrating the present mome…


25 Responses to “Girl with lung cancer gets married 5 days before dying”
  1. Gary M says:

    My wife died from cancer 17 years ago yesterday and even after all that
    time life doesn’t get any easier. Gee he must have been one very strong
    fella to go through that knowing he was going to be a Widower within a
    matter of days. My heart goes out to him. 

  2. Caregiver says:

    Don’t worry, soon Katie will be granted opportunity to bring back to life
    again with a hope of “no sickness”, no more tears, no more death” when the
    Kingdom of God arrives and govern our troubled world. see Isaiah 33:24,
    Revelation21:3-5 for references at This is just some of
    the good news about the Kingdom of God. :)

  3. Tiffanie jinell says:

    She was beautiful Im glad she was so happy before her passing.. may she
    rest in peace.

  4. Queen Yasmeen says:

    Damn onions in my room T^T
    I’m litterally crying ! What Nick did was really brave, hope he does well
    now, it’s so sad seeing her go at a young age :( 

  5. Olivia Gomes says:

    You know what I say! I say fuck cancer!

  6. Starrie Faulk says:

    This was truly a touching and beautiful story and it brought back memories
    of me and my husband Joe Kadelak. He was diagnosed with stage 4 liver
    cancer on June 16, 2014 and he went to Heaven on August 31, 2014. He was
    the Love of my Life and we were married on August 30, 2014. We had one day
    together as a married couple but we were together for 7 beautiful years.
    Rest in Paradise David Joseph Kadelak, I Love and miss you!!!

  7. Amyithist Nichole says:

    I was looking at the picture of her in front of her husband and friends and
    I thought, She won’t get the chance to look back on that on her 50th
    wedding anniversary and share a good laugh with her loved one. And how
    bittersweet that while she achieved her dream of being this man’s wife,
    he’ll be left on this earth without her. How incredibly sad. RIP Katie.
    You were a beautiful bride.

  8. Jimmy Cartagena says:

    He probably is just a person who wants to be famous

  9. Lilly Blossom says:

    Lots of tears have been shed! Send happy thoughts and prayers

  10. Mïss Sïnnëd Dëütsch Blüt says:

    its really so sad… and i can imagine his pain… i dont wanna lose my
    boyfriend… never… .. im feel sorry for them.. and her too she was
    pretty.. pretty couple

  11. issac charms says:

    this made a nigga cry im not going lie

  12. Bri Swifty says:

    And now I’m balling.’

  13. Angelbaby says:

    Whats wrong with you God?why couldn’t you get all,bad people first like
    terrorist,kidnaper rapist,that doesn’t know about love or how to love?why
    did you get the people who know how to love and loved by others???

  14. Emily Valdivia says:

    At least he got to see her dressed beautifully in her white dress with her
    head held high. 

  15. xXXSLK200AMGXXx says:

    I don’t know what to say first of all im proud of that men made this girls
    dream come true ….proud of the girl she didn’t give up and fought for the
    lsat day…..while im writting this my tears fall down im a men but seeing
    such a young women lose her life make’s me sad i wish i had the power to
    cure every1 in this world 

  16. Adam Sigma says:

    8 people that DISLIKED this must like the heat…its pretty HOT down there
    in Hell…

  17. Eddy Nieuwenweg says:

    it makes all your one problems seem so little. RIP 

  18. Renee' Anderson says:

    im happy she got that experience before she died…

    stop saying bad things about her, keep in mind you are not immune to cancer
    and this can be you and instead of having all the good memories she had,
    you will die alone in misery so stfu

  19. QuinPaperwasp says:

    Stupid, ugly freak.

  20. Lydia Cavero says:

    This video was nice. It made me cry. It touched my heart. That was a
    beautiful message may she rest in peace. Lord bless her husband for not
    giving up on her and being a faithful companion. Comfort him and bless him.

  21. jstrahan2 says:

    Yes. Sad story. But, pardon me for asking this. It’s been nearly 10 years.
    Did he remarry?

  22. sherrie wesley says:

    Soon Jehovah God will end all sickness and death. I’m so sorry for your

  23. Sanduni Perera says:

    Girl with lung cancer gets married 5 days before …:

  24. Melinda Goggins says:

    Amazing beautiful girl. He is an awesome guy. I can’t even imagine being
    involved with all of this. It would be really hard for me to deal with. 

  25. P M Ball says:

    Message for Deborah Cutler: Of course he will. Life goes on. Except for
    people like you, who have no life.

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