Monday, December 18, 2017

A cure for Cancer, HIV and other diseases? Steven Swan explains the works of Dr. Hulda Clark The Truth Denied Guest: Steven Swan, Dr. Hulda Clark Consultant Steven Swan has been studying and using the discoveries, inven…


25 Responses to “A cure for Cancer, HIV and other diseases? Steven Swan explains the works of Dr. Hulda Clark”
  1. The Truth Denied says:

    an amazing interview….what we really should have access to , but
    unfortunately we do not….just for you!

  2. Peter Pappas says:

    Total bullshit! Hulda Clark’s work is NOT science.

  3. Athena Chase says:

    I have a large HIV advocacy following on twitter and i am trying to get
    this info out to as many people as i can! THANK YOU Roxy for taking the
    time to cover this. You Ma’am are an angel <3

  4. Karen Ashley says:

    I have read two of Dr HUlda Clark’s books and find much useful information
    in those pages, particularly the gallstone cleanse which is unrivalled. Me
    and my friends have passed gallstones repeatedly thanks to her failsafe
    instructions. She is wrong about diet though. An organic raw vegan diet
    will completely remove all parasites, to the point where the zapper, which
    I purchased from her, is redundant!

  5. sucahyovideo says:

    thetruthdenied also have zapper schematic. I made mine for around $5.

  6. sucahyovideo says:

    What a weird accusation, a GMO sposored channel that discuss how to avoid
    and counter GMO ?

  7. sucahyovideo says:

    BTW, I have my own zapper, different than Clark version, and I do not doubt
    that it work good for light illness. If you look at my recent 1 Month baby
    video, I once use my zapper to reduce his fever, when he was 15 days old.
    It work.

  8. The Truth Denied says:

    see where it says “SKIP AD”? Try it! lol

  9. Wordavee1 says:

    “The evidence amply supports a reasonable belief on the part of these
    defendants that plaintiff was part of a network of persons and entities who
    acted recklessly, at best, luring Mrs. Figueroa into a bizarre, grotesque,
    and extremely expensive regimen of “alternative” cancer treatments which
    has no effect other than to exhaust the Figueroa’s life savings and divert
    Mrs. Figueroa from conventional treatments, thereby reducing her prospects
    for recovery and survival.

  10. The Predator says:

    Long ass video

  11. Wordavee1 says:

    There are many people who are researching cancer and getting results. The
    survival rates for cancers have improved enormously over the years through
    a combination of techniques. There are many causes of cancers & for quacks
    like Clark to claim there is 1 cause, a worm in the liver, & 1 cure, her
    “zapper” is the ultimate exploitation of sick people, & Swan is just
    carrying on the fraud.

  12. Athena Chase says:

    benzene, which happens to be used as a preservative in personal lubes, as
    well as in lubricated condoms!!! CODE RED!!!!!!!

  13. sucahyovideo says:

    If Hulda Clark manage to convince cancer patients from using doctor
    precription, she already did plenty because it allow them to live longer
    than doctor’s prediction.

  14. The Truth Denied says:

    You bet and thank you for supporting us!

  15. sucahyovideo says:

    To see how RF kill virus, see this video: johnbedini(net)john34)rife2(html
    replace ) with slash, ( with dot

  16. vaccinescause autism says:

    it’s possible that U.S government killed her

  17. sucahyovideo says:

    And there is fake zapper too. I think there is more fake one than working
    one. Since I make my zapper my self, I know it’s limit.

  18. sucahyovideo says:

    Dr Clark mistake is she rely heavily on the syncrometer. It give her
    results, but also make her make false assumption.

  19. Athena Chase says:

    Shiitake and Oyster mushroom are currently being studies by the leading
    center for fungi research for how the fungi fight the HIV virus. =) 5 mil
    was donated a year or two ago and research is going really well!

  20. The Truth Denied says:

    Thanks for the comment. Please be sure topost your baby photos or video
    here on the channel to make your point.

  21. sucahyovideo says:

    I am not sure about enormous improvement. at 2000, doctor still predict 4
    months left for cancer.

  22. Matt Young says:

    I tried to listen, but roxy will not stop talking all she gets is no roxy
    thats wrong. Why dont you ask question and get the answer instead of trying
    to guess..

  23. The Truth Denied says:

    Glad to hear this!!!! TY for your comment, it is very helpful!

  24. 11watergirly says:

    I have the zapper and have read The Cure for Cancer and I try to eliminate
    on a regular basis. I’ve always felt she was aunthentic, and the industry
    was out to discredit her. Thanks Roxy for this and all your shows. You’re
    right on the pulse!

  25. The Truth Denied says:


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