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Sandra’s recovery from uterine cancer with the Gerson Therapy

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After a 15 year remission from breast cancer, Sandra was diagnosed with uterine cancer (serous carcinoma) and endometrial cancer in 2012. She was treated by …


4 Responses to “Sandra’s recovery from uterine cancer with the Gerson Therapy”
  1. hyylo says:

    Please can the Gerson institute upload more interviews like this?

    interviews in other languages like Punjabi or Hindi would also be helpful
    because there are 1 billion people in countries like India that would love
    to learn about Gerson Institute. 

  2. Rana El-rass says:

    Great video. Can you please upload an interview on arthritis and the Gerson
    therapy? Thank you :)

  3. Chantale Renaud Van Tassell says:

    Yes please more of these videos !! :) 

  4. Deidree Lohr says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

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