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Charlotte Rae shares her experience with pancreatic cancer

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Chalotte Rae, familiar to millions of TV viewers as the housemother on the ’80s sitcom The Facts of Life, was diagnosed in 2009 with pancreatic cancer, an of…


15 Responses to “Charlotte Rae shares her experience with pancreatic cancer”
  1. Leyliha J says:

    God Bless her I’m glad she’s doing well♡

  2. crpsaiyan says:

    As of this year, Charlotte Rae is currently in remission, due to the fact
    that she caught it early. Because pancreatic cancer runs in her family,
    she wasted no time in getting tested for that. Both her mother and sister
    died from the disease.

  3. Getrealpeeps says:

    @ Gary Richard Collins II Yeah I hear you about the Pancreatic Cancer, My
    friend (76) recently passed away from it. I will miss him dearly. 

  4. Seyahhsod says:

    I wonder if She saw THE FAMILY GUY and the episode of Mrs. Garrett’s Boosmn

  5. szqsk8 says:

    UCLA Medical Center is a great facility. I hope she dies well with her
    treatments. Hopefully she has medical insurance. Wish I did. :-(

  6. BigSCTVfan says:

    It’s amazing she’s still alive!

  7. shmuli9 says:

    Wow… I didn’t know she ever HAD pancreatic cancer… :-( I especially
    remember her on ‘Facts of Life’ and ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ but retroactively I
    remember she was on “Car 54, Where Are You” and commercials and in
    innumerable other TV programmes…

  8. Gary Richard Collins II says:

    Charlotte Rae (who recently had a birthday, the other day) is one of the
    few people to have survived pancreatic cancer. Bonnie Franklin had
    succumbed to the disease, almost 2 mos. ago, too young.

  9. mary Brewer says:

    This was a good and helpful tool for Pancreatic Cancer. I am being tested
    now for familiar Pancreatic Cancer in my imediated family including
    Grandmother, her 2 sisters, my mother, and then my 47 y/o brother in 03. I
    came down with an abnormal Pancreas in a CT and Pancreatitis last week. Now
    I am having to get Genetic testing along with some other screening tests.
    It is worth it! Mary

  10. EveDonovan says:

    God bless her!!!

  11. SLOT FEVER says:

    wow she 87 small like dr ruth she is lucky

  12. Daalca011 says:

    @szqsk8 I know you meant ; “I hope she does well with her treatments”. Me

  13. UCLA Health says:

    Thank you all for watching!

  14. loveabelanger says:

    Thank God Charlotte was detected early enough and thanks to her wonderful
    medical staff who saved her life!!!! Those are the facts.

  15. bjnboy says:

    Wow, after all this time, she still sounds like Aunt Figg.

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