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Brain Cancer | Dr. Tony Talebi discusses the treatment of Glioma Brain Cancer

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Dr. Tony Talebi discusses Gliomas and the Treatment of Brain Cancer with Dr. Benveniste. For further discussion visit What is brain …


4 Responses to “Brain Cancer | Dr. Tony Talebi discusses the treatment of Glioma Brain Cancer”
  1. Jenn Kivisto says:

    Hi! I’m trying to get the word out about my childhood best friend’s mom
    Leena, who was diagnosed with Grade 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme almost two
    years ago and needs Avastin. Its insanely expensive and not covered by
    Ontario healthcare. It took so much pushing for her to get a diagnosis
    despite having a near fatal seizure. She stopped breathing and her husband
    broke her sternum trying to revive her. She had surgery which put her in
    remission for a few months and now the cancer has returned. This is the
    same cancer that took the lives of her father and younger sister at the age
    of 32. Leena has a husband, four kids and two grandchildren to live for.
    That said, I’ve put together an online fundraiser to hopefully help make
    the option of Avastin available to her. Please read, give if you can and
    above all SHARE to get the word out! She means the world to so many people,
    myself included and so deserves this chance! Thank you!!

  2. David Hughes says:

    Great video! Thanks!

  3. HI HOW ARE YU says:

    thank you very much .. my brother was diagnosed with grade 4 glioma and
    this video has cleared most if not all of my questions

  4. Arshad Ahmed says:

    i am trying..

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