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Raw Vegan Brain Cancer Survivor

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Megan has an amazing story to share! She was dignosed with stage 3 terminal brain cancer at a very young age. They told her she was going to die!! After two …


22 Responses to “Raw Vegan Brain Cancer Survivor”
  1. The Gentle Vegan says:

    Wow, definitely start a channel Megan!! The world needs to hear your story.
    Thanks for sharing Evan. <3

  2. Gary Parent says:

    Great video Evan, Arnold and Megan’s story is unbelievable. Just goes to
    show, Live food, live body.

  3. Pokotan rrty says:

    wow that’s really amazing!!!!!!!!

  4. Alysha Maiorelli says:

    Great interview, hearing stories like this so inspiring

  5. ChezDorina says:

    Wow thank you for sharing that beautiful story <3

  6. BAD ASH says:

    I love how mature she is! “I took a step back from the situation” AT 13
    YEARS OLD!! Truly amazing. The power of fruits and vegetables are

  7. MsRawsomeness says:

    Very inspiring video, start the channel soon girl x

  8. Denrarehund says:

    wauw.. shes gourgoues !

  9. ash deheer says:


  10. Frutario Jason Kvestad says:

    go megan

  11. Alysha Maiorelli says:

    Arnold’s!! He is the most amazing soul! I spent the beginning part of my
    raw journey learning from Arnold! Woot for banana whips!

  12. vonlemp says:

    Wow, amazing story and what a lovely young lady, thanks for sharing!

  13. lifeisjustswell says:

    Beautiful. :)

  14. beyondtheprogramming says:

    what a truly beautiful young lady! such a great video and positive message.
    if we could each just clesn up our own act long enough to see all the
    potentials in our individual circumstances – ie: stop butting into and
    comparing ourselves with other people’s circumstances – instead of dwelling
    on all the stuff we’re afraid of :)) we’d move out of our own way long
    enough to the let the marvelous human vessel heal itself! thank you – and

  15. videobenji says:

    lol epic thumbnail

  16. danieltheman91 says:


  17. majab612 says:

    Great topic Evan!!!! I’m gonna share this one!!! :):):)

  18. lickthebean says:

    I really like the way they were being together, that was so awesome!

  19. abadplanner1 says:

    Steve Jobs tried same thing and now he’s pushing up daisies, you silly cow.

  20. Molly Olivia says:

    beautiful story

  21. C. Thompson says:

    The multi billion dollar industry of ‘Cancer’ deliberately pushed their
    agenda by using outlets such as ’60 Minutes’ to pro-port that Jobs died
    because he didn’t use chemo or radiation. The truth is that Jobs developed
    cancer at a very young age (teens) when initially working with the toxic
    raw materials that go into making computers. The reason he lived to the age
    that he did was because he was a such a strict vegan. These same doctors
    failed miserably at finding the cancer at the onset.

  22. aminada53362 says:

    Evan U R Such A Gem! Thankhs 4 This piece! This will Help Many On Their
    Journey thru This World!

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