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Cervical Cancer Survivor Emily Wyse Shares Her Story

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Cervical cancer survivor Emily Wyse discusses being diagnosed with stage 1bs cervical cancer at age 30. Listen to her inspiring story. Learn more at http://w…


2 Responses to “Cervical Cancer Survivor Emily Wyse Shares Her Story”
  1. Ranjeet Vichare says:

    @ bearbassett: Hi, I am from India and am hoping to generate awareness in
    Cervical Cancer (HPV). We have more that 8 Deaths per hour. Would you
    kindly allow me to post your cousin Emily’s interview on my Facebook
    profile. It would be highly unethical to post it without prior permission.
    Best regards. Ranjeet Vichare

  2. Brett Bassett says:

    thats my cusin she just did a show on dr. oz

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