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Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Receives Spirit of Hope Award-1/2

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The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network presented Laurie MacCaskill with the 2007 Spirit of Hope Award on Saturday, October 27, 2007 at the Beverly Hilton hotel…


2 Responses to “Pancreatic Cancer Survivor Receives Spirit of Hope Award-1/2”
  1. Sunsand222 says:

    What an inspiration, a beautiful woman, love her!!

  2. Ray Neighbor says:

    I was there the night Laurie gave her speech. I have Stage 3, and am an 8
    year survivor. It has been quite a ride. You just dance with life when you
    can. A positive attitude will not give you more years, but it will make the
    time you have better My surgery was 10 and half hrs long. I spent 17 days
    in the hospital. Everyone is different. Don’t feel bad if your story is
    different than Laurie’s. I went from 185 lbs to 119lbs. I battle depression
    and pain still, but I dance when I can. I love life..

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