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Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover: Tamika

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Tamika is a mother of three and a fitness instructor who put her career on hold after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has an upcoming work party an…


25 Responses to “Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover: Tamika”
  1. Bernadette Robinson says:

    I know her in real life, lol

  2. Wendy Williams says:
  3. Media & Entertainment News says:

    New On IrieTubeApp Breast Cancer Survivor Makeover: Tamika

  4. Paz897 says:

    I think they would have chosen another colour for her hair….

  5. Alreem Kamal says:

    Hair colour is too light.. It should be 2-3 shades darker at least..

  6. stylecollective says:

    Great dress, fits her wonderfully. The “Paris” wig unfortunately, is no
    bueno. Wrong color, and the shiny, synthetic texture is not complimentary
    at all. Thankfully she’s a beautiful woman and the look was saved by the
    make-up job. Awesome eye work from whomever was on the glam squad that day.

  7. GIRLINA101 says:

    That hair color and texture looks ridiculous on that beautiful
    mocha-skinned woman. She would have looked so much better in a curly/afro
    textured wig (think Tracy Ellis Ross or Cree Summer) .Why would Wendy
    include that awful plastic, stringy, babydoll looking thing in her wig
    collection in the first place?

  8. Jessica Tangar says:

    Her wig looks synthetic. ..if u wanna rock synthetic do black and curly.
    ..straight is too shiny

  9. paconot says:

    That wig washed out her face.

  10. Nathan Smith says:

    Mika you look great – inside & out! I thank God for your magnetic spirit &
    resiliency. You are blessed. We love you!!!!!!

  11. passionlovemusic says:

    curves for days. yaass!! thumbs down for the wig though

  12. Ajazz16 says:

    Not feeling this makeover look at all….this validates all the comments
    about her hair, dress and shoes. I guess she is more happy to be on the
    show than anything else…..anyone can do a make come, come on now!!!

  13. maya papaya says:

    Wendy’s hair is always layed for Zeus along with the rest of the gods…
    then they give this lady a shiny wig. No ma’am.

  14. natrualfroqueen says:

    They wrong for that seed of chucky looking ass plastic baby doll hair they
    gave other’s human hair wigs but gone give her that shiny wig
    ………………………….Her Clothes and make up is pretty but that
    hair Uhh-NOO wendy you guys are wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ullanda Wade says:

    All that matters is how SHE felt….and by the way she walked out, she felt

  16. Zona says:

    She looks fantastic, and you can tell she was feeling herself!!!!

  17. babygrils1000 says:

    Love it

  18. Change1 says:

    Not the walmart wig :(

  19. J Warren says:

    What a bad wig for such a beautiful beautiful woman!

  20. lefayeaka2 says:

    A dark blue would look better

  21. caliboyrob says:

    I like the dress but with different wig it looked lil cheap. She is
    beautiful & great personality god bless her

  22. Mary Jane says:


  23. CSpan1993 says:

    She looks like Star Jones. Those clothes and that hair looks cheap.

  24. 29sharonmeredith says:

    Again stop giving these ladies your cheap shiny wigs..they knew damn well
    that wig was not right color,style if you’re going to do it do it right!

  25. DahliaRich says:

    ugh that ugly wig!

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