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19 Responses to “Brachytherapy”
  1. Lee Eric says:

    Brachytherapy ~ the development of TUMORS..

  2. fireclaw316 says:

    Aaaaaaand how do the normal cells survive the radiation?

  3. fireclaw316 says:

    Aaaaaaand how do the normal cells survive the radiation?

  4. drhany elbanna says:

    as usual another wonderful video
    you help many people and you do a great service for medical students and
    doctors all over the world and who does not thank people does not thank
    Allah so thank you very much
    go on
    may Allah bless you thanks again

  5. Nucleus Medical Media says:
  6. dawelny Rodriguez says:

    Hypothermia is not a disease in which your body temeprature drops too low.
    If it does you will die


    Ενα φοβερα ενδιαφερον αρθρο

  8. 3eedography says:

    This great….but we need diseases pathology to understand it 3d ……

    Ttt is seen 3d in the hospital but pathophysiology …is not seen

    Thanks our favorite nucleus medcine

  9. alisa truong says:

    You guys have helped me a lot through my nursing journey! Thank you for
    making these videos! :)

  10. Isaias DE LA FUENTE says:

    And how do the moles develop?
    Are they dangerous? 

  11. Zachary Buchanan says:

    Also I never smoke and never get a lot of diseases :D but sometimes get a
    flu or sick when I get upset >_<

  12. SWAGGERDISS says:

    I think more people need to know about this helpful channel thanks to the
    up loader of these medical information vids 

  13. Zachary Buchanan says:

    My daddy has a balloon in his vein and it pumped in his heart on November 1
    or 2 when I have a 3DS XL on 2012 

  14. joshy joseph says:


  15. Zachary Buchanan says:

    And I got a blood test in August 2013 and it’s not that bad! Also got a CT
    scan :D I’m so brave 

  16. Dr. Manoj R. Joshi says:


  17. Zachary Buchanan says:

    :O I watch your videos a lot! :D

  18. Zachary Buchanan says:

    He has 3 blockages O.o

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